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4 Things You Should Do If You Are In A Hit and Run Car Accident
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It is not unusual to hear of people who’ve been in minor accidents (parking lots, stop sign rear enders) who either swap information with the other driver and then find out they’ve been lied to, or in some cases where the other driver is never caught. In either case you can be left paying for part or all of the cost of repairs to your car and any medical care you may need.

If you are in a minor car accident there are things you should do in order to protect yourself and your rights If the other driver leaves the scene of the accident you need to protect yourself and your rights.  Fortunately most car accidents are relatively minor ones causing more damage to cars than to people.  Here are 4 things you should do in an accident.

  1. In minor car accidents people often do not call 911. Anytime you are in a hit and run accident, or if the person who has hit you is evasive then you need to call 911 and report all the details to the police. Leaving the scene of an accident is a crime.
  2. In any accident you should try to gather as much information as you can including the car make and model, licence plate number and a description of the driver, and how many passengers may have been in the other car.

    If the driver has not fled the scene get the drivers licence and insurance information from them. If your phone has a camera take pictures of the cars and the damage. If the other driver won’t give you the information call the police. If you feel threatened get back into your car and call the police.
  3. If you feel like something isn’t right with the situation then call the police and let them know. If the other driver is evasive, aggressive, lying etc. then call the police. Trust your instincts advise police.
  4. Never follow a suspect. If the other driver leaves the scene of the crime call 911. Following the other driver can result in further aggressive interactions, dangerous driving situations, and possible charges being laid against you.

There are a disturbingly high rate of fraudulent drivers out there who stage minor accidents with the help of other drivers, who then go on to make false insurance claims. There are others who simply leave the scene of an accident and who don’t get caught, leaving you to battle your own insurance company for benefits and possibly leaving you out of pocket for a great deal of money.


Posted on Saturday, Jan 21, 2017 - 09:22:00 AM EST
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