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Humor, Parody, Funny books, Thomas Hagey
Thomas Hagey - Author - King of Parody
      The King of Parody!
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Kitchener,   ON

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Humor Classics By Thomas Hagey - The King of Parody

Available at Chapters/Indigo or online at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Watch for Soon to be realeased E-book for through iBooks and Google platforms.

Hello, my name is Thomas Hagey and I’m a humourist. I was born and raised on a pig and dairy farm in central Canada. I learned at a young age that anyone who farms needs to have a sense of humor if they are to live to see another day and weather the storm in today’s tough agricultural climate.

For those of you who fancy yourself as someone who enjoys laughter or appreciates jokes told at the expense of others (or mankind in general:) you’ve arrived at the right project.

Many years ago, as I struggled to choose a vocation in life, I sat down to write my father a letter to outline some of the reasons why I was not interested (inadequate) in taking over the family farm. It was not an easy task.

After writing 48 pages and photographing some of our farms most stunning looking sows and prize herd sires, "Playboar Magazine—Entertainment for Swine Breeders" was born on the kitchen table...Life in the barnyard would never be the same.

It was a tough period in the pig business; a time when interest rates were at an all-time high, and pig farmers were losing everything they owned to the big banks through foreclosures. Oddly enough, Playboar and the levity it contained was just what the doctor ordered to see those hard working pig farmers through to better times.

Playboar Magazine sold 15,000 copies around the countryside— nearly 7000 of them out of a local truck stop. Clearly pig farmers weren’t the only ones who liked this barnyard brand of humor.

Now armed with a best seller and a keen disdain for the advertising industry I zeroed in on the mindset of the subscribers of Playboy Magazine--Hugh Hefner’s empire.

After my "Hams Across America" publicity tour, The Best Of Playboar went on to sell a million copies. AND instead of suing me, Playboy Magazine featured Littermate of the Year, Taffy Lovely, in the magazine and did an exclusive interview on the Playboy Channel with me.

Playboar's success was probably attributed to the combination of rural humor, extremely silly advertising spoofs... and an outrageous photograph of the Most Beautiful SOW in the World.


Then, not to be outdone by a bunch of mud-slinging pigs, COWSMOPOLITAN wandered out of the barn and history was made yet again.

This bovine spoof attacked the sacred cows of the fashion world and took issue with the advertising giants whose cleverly honed messages promised to magically transform lives, turning young, naive, heifers into accessorized goddesses.

COWSMOPOLITAN's Bachelor of the Month, Mr. Avail-a-Bull, stopped the hearts of many a young cow and COWSMO became required reading material for sophisticated cows in dairy herds across the nation.

Then PENTHORSE galloped onto the scene...Whoa!!!

Right on COWSMOPOLITAN's heels, came the equine parody PENTHORSE. A bareback ride through the rolling countryside of modern horse culture. Penthorse’s stunning Center FOAL Dusty Fields was enough to melt hearts, generate pillow talk, and potentially cause a scandal every time the groomsman shut out the lights and closed the stable door.

Enter VAGUE: The Fashion World Revisited

VAGUE – The fashion Parody saw me leave the barnyard almost behind. But not quite. It seems like big business and big advertising play a much dirtier game when it comes to dividing up the CASH spent on Beauty and Worthiness by declaring war on human intelligence. (To paraphrase humorist Stephen Leacock “Advertising may be described as the Science of arresting human intelligence long enough to extract money from it." And extract it does.

VAGUE offers an absurd view of the fashion and cosmetic industries. It explores how the multi-billion dollar world of style and glamor is joined at the hip to the finely tuned engine which makes it all work—the magical dreamland of advertising.

VAGUE is one of my really describes the world fashion to a TEE...and speaking of which...

Enter FLOG ...Now we go from the Runways to the Fairways.

FLOG is GOLF spelled backwards.It represents a warped view of the ancient sport.

FLOG has some hilarious equipment spoofs and entertaining editorial scenarios which will make even the stodgiest golfer laugh.

It’s the senseless pursuit of perfection in an imperfect world. It offers the warriors of the links refuge from their hopeless, hapless performances while they frolic in the water hazards of mediocrity.

Thomas Hagey

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