About Now Media Online Portals

KWnow.ca, Guelphnow.ca and Cambridgenow.ca are local online news sources and community information gateways. Each portal is part of the Now Media! group of online news portals.

Now Media! a leader and the first in online news portals, offering community interaction, links, banners, online advertising packages and marketing solutions on the largest and most visited portals in Southwestern Ontario.

Our true local directories and paper-free news media format is free to the end user and provides a local audience to companies wanting a cost-effective reach online. We offer a platform for non-profits and service clubs to interact with the community in which they serve by presenting valuable information to our unique visitor traffic (readership) and exposure to the search engines.

Now Media! launched in July 2003 and is privately owned and operated. We are currently growing again with the launch of major city centers' portals across Canada. Further growth into an additional number of Southwestern Ontario communities is underway.

Today Now Media! is an expansive, vibrant Web portal company providing a wealth of online information, marketing and e-commerce opportunities to its general audience, registered members, and advertisers.

Our portals have each grown to many pages of  content rich and community relevant sites with over 1 million page views a month. As the most active sites utilized by those living and working in the area along with those visiting or relocating, Now Media! provides the ideal venue for effective marketing and e-business opportunities.

Our portals such as Cambridgenow.ca, KWnow.ca and Guelphnow.ca  leverage the low cost economics of the Internet to successfully present your messages, products and services to the community 24/7/365.

Take advantage of the exciting and unparalleled opportunities that online advertising, promotion and publishing offer!

Contact us today for more information.


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