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13 Year Old Drayton Boy Dies While Playing Soccer
A 13 year old boy is dead following an medical incident while playing soccer.  Full Story
Baby Osprey At Belwood Lake Receive Tracking Bands This Week - See LIVE CAM
Belwood Osprey family viewed more than 2 million minutes.  Full Story
U of G Study Reveals Various Methods Of Resistance Training Curb Sexual Assaults
Women who have prepared themselves with various forms of resistance training reduce their chances of Sexual Assault.  Full Story
UPDATE: Police Make Positive I.D. - Human Remains Belong To Seble Dietrich
Guelph Police continue to investigate the disappearance of Seble “Mimi” DIETRICH.  Full Story
Your Local Meridian Branches Offers You 'Second Opinion' On Your Mortgage '
Come into your nearest Meridian Credit Union branch and let us give you a second opinion on your mortgage.  Full Story
Guelph Community Foundation Announces Recipients Of 2015 'Kids To Camp' Grants
The Guelph Community Foundation has announced the recipients of their Kids to Camp grants for 2015.  Full Story

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