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Welcome to the Elections Guide. As the 43rd Canadian General Election draws near there will be changes on the campaign trail; changes which will impact the outcome of the October 21st federal election.

The candidates will be working hard to position themselves as the best choice for representation in the riding. Strategies change, issues change and most of us will want to be aware of these changes so we can make the best, most intelligent, vote possible. Be sure to research each of the candidates. Make sure their party's policies and their own personal policies and ideas resonate with what you are looking for in a federal respresentative. Voting is our right. We all need to participate in the democratic process which defines us as one of the world's great nations.

Social Media, Phone Calls or Text Messaging Can Be Misleading Or Untrue

Now that social media has become a daily part of our information consumption, it's important to recognize that not all posts which pass through our timelines have integrity. They may not be real, accurate or even true. Political parties may have representatives or membership (Such as "True North Strong And Free") who form online groups on their behalf and who take out ads which could discriminate, or they may disseminate misleading news or shocking statements which may not be based in truth. The problem is, how do you tell what's real and what isn't? Often common sense will tell you what's true and what's false.

The same is true of phone calls and text messages. You may receive text messages which you did not sign up for, or get calls from what appears to be a local candidate. Be careful and report anything which seems to be suspicious. All parties are gaining access to your personal information (legally) and using it as a tool to increase their chances of being elected. These messages may not be completely accurate. It's the new reality.

If you believe that a party is violating the Canada Elections Act you may lodge a complaint with the Canada Elections Commissioner. Click the graphic below to find out how the complaint process works:

Come back often and check in with the candidates. Their messages will change with each passing day. Exercise your right by voting on the issues which will affect us all.

Our Election Guide will keep you informed and connect you to the platforms and ideas which make Canadian politics unique.

Be part of Elections 2019. Get out and VOTE!


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